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X2Y Web Templates

X2Y Attenuators, an Intellectual Property Company that develops and patents component solutions for the electronics industry, contracted MQStudio to design and develop a set of CSS templates for its corporate web site.

Since the company licenses its patented technology but doesn't manufacture products, they wanted to incorporate an image of the end product as a prominent element of the design.

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Design Goals

As a small, yet well established company, X2Y wished to convey the elegance, simplicity, and proven performance of its technology.

The client felt like their existing site did a good job at getting users quickly to content, and wished to preserve that strength.

Our Solution

The home page immediately spells out the company's competitive differentiator; i.e., proven performance at reduced costs. The organization of content in the home page allows users to know very quickly what the company is about while providing several entry points to different types of content.

Simplicity in use of color, page layout, and site navigation, provides an elegant, professional-looking, and orderly canvas for the rich content.