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These are designs that should look creative, unique, and beautiful. Most of these samples showcase an individual's portfolio, so the design needs to reflect the artist and complement their work, without overpowering or distracting from the art.

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A corporate web site must be clean, well organized, easy to navigate, and communicate the company's key messages in a professional manner. Our corporate samples achieve this with interesting and pleasing designs, crafted to meet the goals of each client.

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Samples in this category have similar objectives to those of corporate web designs. We separate them into this category because in these projects the client is an individual, organization, or small business.

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The main objective of these designs is to sell or promote something such as an object, an individual, or a service. These pieces make use of a clean and simple design where information is concise, clearly organized and easy to find.

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Whether it is a personal, corporate, or community blog, content is the king of this type of web sites. Our blog design samples aim for simplicity, usability, and a bit of personality by using a few graphical elements without getting in the way of content.

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If you are looking for professionally designed CSS templates on a tight budget, try our Ready for Sale designs. Unlike a custom design, these templates are just a few clicks away, at a very affordable price. Please note, they are licensed for personal use only.